We often feel helpless, as we are called to manage difficult emotional and mental situations in our daily lives. We might have school examinations or an interview for work. We might have a medical challenge or another unpleasant situation. We might feel bad or very upset, even when the problems are simple, daily ones. Sometimes, any challenge looks huge and scary, because we are too tired or sad to face it.

Our mind feels exhausted first, and the body follows. Our sleep is often not long enough, to give time for the recovery of the mind and the body. The mind often continues to work even during sleep, searching for crisis solutions, or trying to escape into fantasies, from the excess of thinking. By this time, when tension gathers, the body and mind start becoming disorganized without any cure.

The first choice of natural medicine in all these situations is Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Regardless of the type or depth of the tension, a few Rescue Remedy drops in a glass of water are enough to restart our brain’s functions in just a few minutes or even seconds. The resultant clarity of thought will sustain us in finding solutions for any crisis we are in. The facts and the situations may remain the same, but we can now see them in their real dimensions. The paralytic stress stays behind and the active stress take us forward.

In more difficult situations, a multivitamin for the nourishment of the brain can be added for better results. B-complex vitamins, or a formula rich in vitamins and elements such as Neurozan by Vitabiotics, are excellent choices.

It is better, of course, to choose a multivitamin formula, or even to have a special remedy made up, choosing remedies according the person’s character and feelings. Those combinations have proved very effective during exam periods and other mental or emotionally touch situations that last a long time.

Do not ever forget, however, to eat healthily, to get rest and enough sleep not occasionally, but every day. Food supplements, even they may be highly recommended, can’t replace rest, sleep or healthy food.

With love and care,

Giannoula (Gianna) Rousodimou

Holistic Pharmacist – Holistic Life Coach – Writer


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