Below, are some of the topics and points I think should be considered and discussed. In this communique however, I will attempt only some of these, and not risk overwhelming the reader with too much information at this time. The other issues enumerated are also important and I hope to expand on them on another occasion [or discuss them with you, vis-à-vis, whenever you wish]. Even if most of our clients and readers are rather well informed already, we have noted recently that clarity and reliability of information has been muddled, in many cases, from the unavoidable bombardment of prevalent, unreliable electronic media and the likes. Unfortunately, needed ‘noise filters’ and ‘integrity filters’ are lacking in our environment of fake-news, information overload, deceit and treachery. More importantly, what is also in short supply is good judgment and this is where we also strive to contribute. Keeping things simple, often adds to clarity, perspective and better understanding. Perhaps, ‘simple & realistic’ is better?

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